…be global …and beyond


network of networks…

Because everyone has their social and professional relationships. Because every member in alpha.i exposes and shares theirs. Because everyday in our environment initiatives they can and should overcome local geographic area and internationalize.



with innovation
companies and organizations that adapt to a global, dynamic and global reality, beyond patterns and traditional rules

…and growing

international organizations, global experience, multicultural people… to support projects globally and abroad


innovation and digital strategy… global strategy

Innovating to adapt and improve, now, each day, we work more, live more, in global environments and where technology and the Internet reduces the space-time constraints, and they offer to the people and our organizations, new opportunities for professional development and projects. alpha.i supports and assists the development and adaptation to the Digital Economy with international perspective.

a global community…

alpha.i creates and develops socio-economic innovation communities and coworking. A HUB = Node to unite wills and efforts, acquire collective identity and join and collaborate with other networks of professional development and socio-economic. Entrepreneurs, professionals, companies and organizations working for the common good of their community and seeking cooperate to gain in size and go abroad.

…for global projects

alpha.i launch and expand initiatives and institutions at international  level, seeking new markets and relationships and contacting communities of knowledge and opportunities. And manages the landing of international initiatives by developing a project of an organization and/or territory.

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