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A collaborative space to launch and support global projects and for the common good


alpha.i is a collaborative platform to guide and support projects from individuals, companies and public entities, with an international perspective and connections at a global level, educating professionals with a “Learn-by-doing” methodology, focused on the person and the common good, seeking to create jobs and wealth for the people and their organizations


partners and within projects



…be free and great

your meeting point to create and support startups and projects global

…global and beyond

connections and social and professional networks to develop projects all around the world

…learn by doing

e-Learning, blended education, mobile learning and MOOCs. Learn with a practical perspective acquiring professional values

…a digital identity “better than thousand words”

Actually, a global project must be a digital project. Online Marketing, video, websites, Social Media… supporting your project


…we are here for you

Private and institutional funding at national level, credit unions, crowdfunding… accessing to International Financial Institutions and programs from the EU


…walking your way, sharing your luck

Experts and their organizations. Raising their consciousness above situations and passing situations. Treasuring knowledge, values and experience… and they share them with you


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