about alpha.i...

A formula from the Open Culture, free and collaborative with all the power of intention and overcoming models from past times, focused on the person and the common good

what alpha.i is

A collaborative platform to guide and support projects from individuals, companies and institutions, with an international perspective and global connections and educate professionals based on a “Learn-by-doing” methodology, focused on the person and the common good, seeking to create jobs and wealth for individuals and their organizations.

what for?

alpha.i supports collaborative projects and create collaborative frameworks for professionals and entities, aiming to evolve and adapt to social-economic and technological changes. A platform generating Collective Business Intelligence, a practical educational formula to learn-by-doing and to acquire professional values, creating wealth for the common good of all.

who belongs to alpha.i?

Many, but we are still missing you. Being creative with your project, with your work and your life. alpha.i supports your actions and initiatives so that you may elevate yourself above passing situations… because situations goes by and the essence, remains. Make your mark and essence around you and enjoy your individual improvement process and the one from your organization.

The three pillars of the platform…


Professional approach

A “B2B” platform (from professional / business to professional / business) and “C2G” (from professional / company to Institutions) alpha.i supports the expansion of network projects in an open-free and collaborative framework, seeking to support the funding and launch of projects with mentors and their communities (networks), providing solutions and knowledge.


Social commitment

alpha.i focuses its work on improving the professional and social environment, in collaboration with non-profit organizations, businesses, schools and government agencies, seeking to promote cooperation so people and projects may grow and overcome local geographies.


A collaborative community

A new way of gathering and creating collaboration among professionals and organizations in line with the awareness of its members and nowadays social and cultural trends.

An initiative born in the shelter of theOpen Culture, the Theory of the Common Good”, the “Crowd Movement and the Sharing Economy”.

Therefore, alpha.i does not compete with any public or private initiative but offers a meeting scenario with other entities, without ceasing to bet on their own solutions, from its mentors and members.


Sharing Economy

and for the common good

Social-economic changes and Social Media are channeling a new law of supply and demand. Sharing and collaboration is the key issue in this new time. Property is losing relevance. Use and share of goods today is valued and the possibility to access to knowledge openly (Open knowledge). Trust, kindness and generosity are regaining their place and the best working capital for any professional or entity is its collaborative awareness and reputation, aiming and acting for the common good of all.