Experts-professionals and their organizations

…accompanying your way and sharing your luck


…We’ll lend you more than just a hand

As human beings, at some point in our lives, we need help to promote our initiatives, our personal development and professional evolution.

Regardless of your position or organization, you will find the support system you need to grow and expand your current or future endeavors.


what is an alphaMentor


  • A professional who puts his/her knowledge, experience-vision and professional networks at your disposal and to your project
  • He/she focuses his/her work in developing and training people to drive the evolution of their careers and projects and their professional and business opportunities, based on a relation of trust and advising on new perspectives, how to improve your project and network of contacts
  • Neither Coaching nor Consultancy. An alphaMentor shares his/her experience and his/her network of contacts; not just about technical and strategic aspects but they are personally involved, even as a partner or as a peer in your projects, helping you to overcome obstacles and assuming and sharing risks to your side


searching for… the essence

an alphaMentor not theorizes. He/she is involved jumping with you sharing your your very same luck





Neither Coaching nor Consultancy. An alphaMentor share his/her experience and his/her network of contacts