…you count with support



professionals and companies in collaborative areas

You are not alone or account only with your resources. Support for startup projects and access to funding and forms of support is critical. A community that collaborates and is grouped beside you to access these aids, ensuring that your project can be born and/or develop… in a shared wealth.



…Investment in people and in their dreams… Smart Capital

entrepreneurs and professionals in traditional and Internet businesses that support projects beyond conventional systems of investment and with international scope, involving, participating in and supporting the company as mentors


…in this manner, alphafinans organizes its resources to…


Support in seed

Supporting startups and spinouts and collective funding through crowdfunding and cooperatives and business banking intermediation


Access to funds and programs

Funds and national and international programs to support projects with monitoring of calls, including the Plan of Action to achieve their


Accompanying processes of applications and proposals

Accompanying processes of applications and proposals for public and international organizations, since their transaction until the achievement and ultimate justification of the project


Support and assistance for funding

Access to finance