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digital strategy and innovation

In ancient times people gathered in squares, markets, forums … and business relationships arose. Today, people get together too in Blogs, forums, chats, social media and virtual communities. Therefore, we must have a look and have presence there, being receptive to this socio-cultural reality, with a brand a and digital identity… where people gather with others and their organizations


alphamedia: Innovation center and content factory


alphamedia solutions


online business intelligence

Every global project needs a strategy designed with an international perspective and for the “customer segment-niche” to whom it is addressed. Information and analysis in order to develop successfully marketing activities, sales and digital development


designs and contents

For a complete SOLOMO strategy (SOcial-LOcal-MObile) of Content Marketing on any device and Social Media, leveraging geolocation. Today, we navigate through multiple devices, we seek close information from all and everything we see and we want to share it with our contacts and friends



Studio Video recording and professional edition under TV standards and specially for websites, E-learning and MOOCs. It is a trend and it is already the present. Image and video permeate in our audience and facilitate the learning process


social media intelligence

It is the term used to define one strategy in Blogs and Social Media, incorporating analytics and metrics both for the decision-making process and for achieving the ultimate goal to optimize the ROI (Return of Investment) of any initiative. Analyze in what Social Network, for what purpose and how to be present in those networks, it is a key factor for any project


e-commerce and social commerce

Developments for Digital Projects on eCommerce and Social Commerce. These sale channels are the new “markets and fairs” and if we wish to be present and market our project, the places to be