…free and great


be free and great

Meeting space to create and support startups and projects, with focusing Lean (Agile), regardless of form or sector of activity, through mentors, peers and those professionals and organizations that relate to alpha.i


the key… “the human factor
People who develop their creativity and genius and freely agree their collaboration

…and may the force be with you ; )

Force to collaborate and find support and assistance for your project, in mentors and peers. A different space from incubators, accelerators, etc… but related to them and serves as a link to the success of your project.

Find support for your entrepreneurial activity, as someone who starts, as someone who develops something else, minimizing risks with the support of mentors and peers and their organizations.

create and launch your Project

Collaboration and financial support in the initial phase and startup of your project or for re-design, enter in a global network of people and organizations who share their knowledge and experience, networks and financial resources.

Equipment and experienced mentors in sectoral approaches with Lean Startup methodology, aimed at validating, in the market, Business Models and provide market knowledge and partnerships and bringing projects to private and institutional funding environments, especially internationally.

access to our community

solutions and helps to create and launch projects